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Saini Hair Care
One goal, one spirit, and many hands joined together - thats what defines the distribution network of Amazing Health Inventions. It comprises of a strong chain of several C&F agents, along with Super Stockists and Distributors spread across the country. This comprehensive arrangement would make products available over 120,000 outlets in the country, ensuring that every Saini product reaches its customers in record time, across the country.

Complimenting this efficiency at home is an equally effective network operating at a global level - covering markets of Middle East , Europe , CIS Countries, USA .

Our Pillars
Heritage of Knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with research, innovation and constant validation. Result oriented products. Natural, safe and effective formulations.

What makes the customer believe in them all?
It's the faith that comes with time, with a positive experience of using a product offered by the company. By realising that the promises were indeed fulfilled. But winning this faith isn't easy. It comes after plenty of research and consumer study done on a large scale.

In case of Saini, the entire process of advanced research hinges on one focal point to provide care, and not just cure. To serve people with effective products, has made Saini a reliable and favored name amongst the masses.

For Saini, this long journey of many years has indeed been a glorious one & its glorious streak will continue to brighten up many more lives.

All the products of Saini Herbals are clinically Tried & Tested through the experts of renowned institutes in India & Abroad.

We present some of names of reputed agencies and organizations, which have either tested /used and believe in the superior quality of our herbal products and services.

  • Lady Harding Medical College & Associated Hospitals, New Delhi (India)
  • Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi (India)
  • Skin Institute Research Society by Professor Behl, Delhi (India)
  • JR Laboratories Inc. (Canada)
  • Bio / Dynamics Inc. Department of Toxicology, (New Jersey U.S.A )
  • ARBRO Pharmaceuticals Limited. New Delhi (India)
  • SGS (India)


Where innovation... comes naturally

Nature being precious gift to mankind, has been traditionally used to fight diseases and promote good health since prehistoric times. Now this tradition of researching nature and developing natural remedies forms the hallmark of AMAZING HEALTH INVENTIONS. With our belief in natural resources as the best life medicines we are committed to developing and marketing well researched effective, safe and innovative health care products from nature.

Combining modern manufacturing technology with vast knowledge of herbal remedies, our goal is to continuously unveil nature's best kept secrets to good health for the benefits of mankind. Our maximum creative work is to fasten the slow effects of Ayurveda. The traditional system of medicine in India. Research and trials of various herbal combinations are being sought to give mankind herbal products with remarkable results that have a higher success rate.

Saini has tried to be successful in tapping the potential of the Ayurveda herbs in an innovative manner. The innovation was in the form of Saini Herbal Products. These are the result of extensive R & D done to develop a truly effective Ayurvedic formulations which are based on ancient knowledge of herbs, described in classical text books of Ayurveda. The traditional system of medicine in India. Thus today Saini Herbals has become a household name all over India and various countries where it was sold.

How Ayurveda Scalp Cleansing creates Bliss in Hair & Scalp?
Bliss- the feeling of happiness that we get from doing day to day activities that we know are good for us. Healthy, peaceful and calm living are the major factors that give us a feeling of bliss. Sadly, the current environment and market competition leads us to be introduced to some harmful substances that, more often than not, come in the way of our absolute bliss.

Contrary to popular belief, cleansing is not only about losing excess body weight. Getting rid of toxins and chemicals that might be harmful to our brain and body is also an important part of cleansing. Age old Indian traditional medicine system has come up with ways to fight the evils of harmful toxi9ns plaguing our capacity to get rid of stress that has a detrimental affect on the health of our hair. 18 hours, is all it takes to detox your brain and body, all you need to do is reduce the level of sugar consumption. It has a wondrous effect on the human body, as it starts to rebuild the essential gut lining that has been eroded through years of consuming processed foods, wheat, GMOs, and the chemicals along with our daily diet.

Now coming to Hair & Scalp cleansing, in order to maintain long and beautiful hair we have specialized ayurvedic herbs. Hair quality depends on the proper functioning of the Dhatu or the tissues. The tissues can be nourished with nutrient plasma that directly effects the hair. According to ayurveda, good diet is a reason due to which nutrient plasma is produced, therefore it is necessary to take healthy diet. As poor diet, lack of hygiene, nutritional deficiencies will have adverse effect on the hair. Other factors like climate change, stress, pollution, aging have significant effects on the health of scalp and hair quality. Washing hair timely is also an important factor to maintain the hair quality. Some of the recommended herbs to keep the hair healthy are:

Ayurveda CARE and HYGIENE

  • Regular hair wash and brushing is very important. Brushing strengthens the sebaceous glands which is responsible for producing natural oil, that is necessary for healthy hair.
  • Lemon is considered very effective to keep the hair shiny and lustrous. One tablespoon lemon juice added in half glass of water is used in hair after cleansing.
  • In order to maintain hair conditioning henna can be applied on regular time intervals.
  • Shikakai, Reetha and  Amla powder blended with curd acts as a good conditioner for hair.
  • Mustard oil and Lemon mixed with curd is good for dandruff free scalp. It is applied gently on hair and then hair wash is needed after half an hour.
  • Heating up few leaves of Hibiscus mixed in a glass of water can be used for shampooing the hair. Lime juice must be squeezed in the sieved mixture for effective results.

Ayurveda miracle in bottles from SAINI : Feel the difference

Icare claims that their SAINI herbal haie oil is Ayurveda miracle in a bottle that helps in giving relief from dry, damaged and brittle hair. The shampoo cleans the scalp efficaciously and leaves the scalp clean along with shiny hair. This is a mild cleanser that gently cleanse the scalp and make the hair strong & thick. Our offered herbal shampoo lathers well and moisten the hair properly. Additionally, it is paraben and SLS free which is ideal for daily use. The shampoo is enriched with fenugreek, bhringraj, soap nut, saw palmeto and amla which cleanse the hair and revive its volume.

The perfect hair companion, both Icare herbal shampoo & OIL brings Ayurveda bliss to the hair & scalp. Our herbal products renders shine, fragrance and make the the hair healthy. The offered range of herbal product is completely plant derived and can make you fall in love with your hair.

Your hair is dying and it will get worse. Use Ayurveda Herbs to give them long lasting shine
If various reputed shampoos, conditioners, oils and other hair care solutions have failed in nourishing your scalp and hair, this means its time to say goodbye to chemicals and welcome the science of Ayurveda in your home. The main focus in Ayurvedic hair treatment is oil massage, taking a proper diet, deep breathing, meditation and application of combinations of different Ayurvedic herbs. These premium hair treatment solutions are considered one of most advanced and oldest hair care methodologies, to deliver such excellence we bring forth our herbal range. It is approved by many scientists and hair experts as best hair treatment solution because of their speedy effectiveness and capability of eliminating the problem from its roots.

In addition to treating your hair Ayurvedic health system when followed properly can help in maintaining one's overall health. People from all across the globe are resorting to ayurvedic and herbal hair treatments as they are best ways to get lustrous, shiny and strong tresses. These ayurvedic shampoos are rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9. This will nourish hair that further encourage new growth and solve many serious issues such as:

  • Treats Premature Graying
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Protects Hair From Harmful Sunlight
  • Revitalizes Damaged Hair
  • Treats a dry and flaky scalp
  • Conditions hair and prevents split ends

Emblica Officinalis
Amla or Indian gooseberry is a good source of Vitamin-C whose inadequacy can lead to hair breakage. Antioxidants protect hair from premature graying and aging. Amla oil holds primary fatty acids that are good for long hair. Head massage of amla oil improves the blood circulation which benefits the scalp  and enhances hair growth. Also, it gives strength to hair follicles and acts as a conditioner.

Eclipta Alba
Bhringraj is also known as Ruler of the hair.
A tonic for the hair that enhances hair growth and provides essential food to them.

  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces graying of hair
  • Moisten scalp and nourishes hair strands

Bacopa monnieri
Applying Brahmi oil regularly on scalp prevents hair fall and boost their growth. It reduces premature graying, especially if used by mixing with Amla. It stimulates hair follicles by providing them nutrition and also provides antioxidant protection. Regular usage of brahmi oil cleans out the flakiness and dandruff scalp. Brahmi is known as a special Ayurvedic herb that regenerate the brain cells and improves the memory functions.

Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)
It contains mild pH value, which help in cleaning hair without removing natural oil from them, this why it is also known as “Fruit for the hair”. Shikakai is very famous for controlling dandruff, strengthening roots and good growth of hair. Shikakai bark is enriched with saponins which is cinsidered as a foaming agent for hair. Some of the benefits of shikakai are:

  • Shikakai adds volume and shine to hair.
  • It makes hair long and strong.
  • It fights against infections on the scalp.
  • It makes hair soft and silky.

Lemon Oil
Lemon essential oil is very beneficial for oily hair. It prevents scalp dryness and dandruff along with kills lice. Moreover, it improves the hair condition by making them silky soft and super shiny.

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